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ChatGPT, and why LAUSD blocked it on the LAUSD network

Questions, concerns, and answers by ChatGPT itself.


What is chatGPT and how that threaten educators?

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot developed by Silicon Valley startup OpenAI. It is capable of writing full-on student essays, elaborate codes, and even solving math problems. This has posed a threat to educators as it can be used as a replacement to complete homework and to write assignments for students, endangering students’ willingness to develop skills like writing and researching. There is also a concern about cheating, academic disintegration, and the loss of learning ability as students are able to complete assignments without much effort.


How teachers can identify AI-generated context or essays?

Teachers can identify AI-generated essays by analyzing the text and looking for inconsistencies. Algorithms that generate essays have certain characteristics that can be identified, such as sentence complexity and variation. Teachers can also require students to write all essays in front of them, in class, or require all assignments to be handwritten. Additionally, teachers can require students to cite sources, compare and contrast literary works, or read their essays out loud and answer questions from the class. Finally, teachers can assign authentic writing assignments that grow out of classroom discussion and debate or involve primary sources or local research.



Elaborate more on the AI-generated context characteristics’ that can be identified

AI-generated context characteristics that can be identified include the use of repetitive words and phrases, an over-reliance on adjectives, a lack of depth in topics, and a lack of evidence to support claims. AI-generated context may also include incomplete sentences and paragraphs, inaccurate facts or figures, and a lack of clarity or structure. Additionally, AI-generated context may include incorrect grammar or spelling, a lack of logical structure and organization, and a lack of originality or creativity. AI-generated context can also be identified by its lack of understanding of the context or purpose of the piece, as well as the inability to develop an argument or discuss complex topics.


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